All Type Filter Bags (From 100 to 1 Micron)

We offer high quality fiber bags for Liquid filtration to fit standard size bag filter vessels and also specially designed to suit customers need.

MSK can supply imported Mesh Filter Bag,, Needle Felt Filter Bag, Multi Layer Filter Bag, Woven and Non Woven Leaf Bag Filter for Seo. Collant Tank (Makino) etc.

a)Filter Bags are available in following configurations

  • • Snap Ring Type
  • • Rubber Collar Type
  • • Neoprene Collar, Silicon Collar, Nitrile
  • • Collar, Viton Collar.
  • • Polypropylene Collar
  • • For liquid filtration, the filter bags are available
  • • in stitching pattern as well as thermally welded pattern.
  • • We are one of leading manufacturer of Industrial Dust
  • • Collection Bags such as PP, PE,
  • • Nomax, Rayton, PTFE, Glass Fiber Etc.

b)SS Multi Candle & Bag Filter Housing (both SS304/SS316)

MSK can supply imported SS Multi-candle and Bag Filter Housings used many industries in India we can supply both sand blast and mirror finishing housings as per customer requirement, these housings Widely using for WTP, RO, Process etc. Please contact for best price.

Our organization specializes in offering a wide range of Filter Housings to our clients at competitive prices. These are developed under the guidance of our experts and in accordance with industry defined parameters. We offer them at a cost effective price. Furthermore, our range finds huge demand in the competitive market for resilience, superior performance and dimensional accuracy.

We have the SS housing Both 316 and 304 from 1 round to 500 round.

MSK also supply Duplex Filter System with very best price as per customized sizes. Also, available are sand blast and mirror finishing.

c)RO System (from 100l LPH TO 10000 LPH )

MSK imports all type of Mobile RO plant as per customer configurations.

We offer all system with Ms, SS, PP Pipe lining for cost effective.

All systems are the computer controlled.

d)Filter Housings

  • • PP Filter Housings (Size - 8", 10", 20")
  • • And Multiple Filter Housings
  • • SS Filter Housings (Size - 10" & 20")
  • • And Multiple Filter Housings
  • • Pp & SS Bag Filters Housings
  • • See Through Filter Housings (Size - 10" & 20")
  • • Virgin PP Filter Housings (Size - 10" & 20")

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a) Paint Booth Filters

Paint Booth Filters are heavily used in various industries for different kinds of applications. They are resistant to corrosion. They provide superior quality service to the customers. They are accessed at reasonable prices. We manufacture this product using high quality materials. They are strong and efficient. They are easy to install and maintain.


  • • Made with FMM-600 media
  • • Wire support frame on air leaving side

FMM-300 Wadding Media

  • • Dual layer media construction with FMM-300 on air leaving side
  • • Internal wire support frame
  • • Dense polyester media
  • • Scrim backed to prevent particle or fiber migration
  • • Tackified for maximum particle retention
  • • Operates at lower resistance

Filter Pads and Rolls

Msk offer range of paper media, Borosilicate Glass Fiber Media, Specialty Filter Fabric etc

Filter Pads with circular shapes & square shapes with various sizes are available most demanding of Pharmaceuticals, Distilled Spirits, Beer Filtration, Cosmetics, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Beverages etc.

Filter Pads to reduce pyrogens, for filtration of high viscous materials are available in PP Fibers, Bleached Cotton and Pure cellulose also.

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All Types of Filters for Industrial Needs

MSK also offer the complete solution for Hydraulic Filter, Compressed Air Filter, Air Compressed Fitler, All type of Cranes Filters, LPG/CNG Filters, Sintered Fitlers, Dust Filter Cartridges, Machinery Fitler etc.


We are offer the complete solution under one roof with best quality and equivalent

a) Machinery Filtration

We are offering machinery filters for the equivalent of imported filters. They are as follows;

  • • Kubota Machinery
  • • Komatsu Machinery
  • • Carterpillar Machinery
  • • Kobelco Machinery etc

b) Turbine Filter

Backed by our industrial experience we offer Turbine Filter are available in different sizes and dimensions according to the requirements of the clients. We manufacture this product using superior quality materials and advanced technology. They are resistant to corrosion and provide high tensile strength. They are used in various industrial

c) Round Black/Orange Type Filter

We offer to clients technically advanced range of round orange type filters, which successfully meet the filtration requirements of varied industrial as well as automotive applications. Our process expertise also enable us to offer these in customized specifications as required by the clients

d) Hydraulic & Lube Oil Filters

We offer any type of Hydraulic Filters Equivalent to Reputed imported make. The Filters are available wrapped round as well as pleated configurations.

We are offering the following

  • • Hydac, Parker, Donaldson,Pall
  • • Internormen, Stayff, Mahle,
  • • Tasci, RRR, Mann filter etc.

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Filter Cartridges for Water Application

We are a leading importer and manufacturer of all type of water filter our filter cartridge available from 10" to 60 " length with depth compress and long life.

Please contact us for the following filters

  • • Spun Bonded Filter Cartridge (Micron 0.5 to 100)
  • • PP Melt Blown Hard Type
  • • Filter Cartridge with Gasket (Micron 0.5 to 100)
  • • PP Spun with core & Gasket (Micron10,5,1 & 0.5)
  • • Wound Filter Cartridges
  • • Polypropylene Wound with PP Core
  • • Polypropylene Wound with SS Core
  • • Glass Fiber Wound with SS Core
  • • Cotton Wound with SS Core
  • • SS 316L, Sintered Filter Cartridges.
  • • SS Pleated Filter Cartridges
  • • Porous Plastic Filter Cartridges
  • • Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges
  • • Sintered Ceramic Filter Cartridges
  • • Pleated Polypropylene Filter Cartridges

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Suction Filter

We are one of the leading manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of suction trainers, filter strainers which are highly suitable for hydraulic suction strainers, hydraulic & mineral oil. Impeccably engineered to perfection, our suction strainers are widely used in various industries across the globe. These suction strainers are available with steel caps and aluminium die cast nuts of different sizes and weights. Easy to clean & remove, suction strainers are competitive in price.






SC3 – 002 8 1/4 90 46 24 187 0.10
SC3 – 003 12 3/8 90 46 24 187 0.10
SC3 – 005 20 1/2 105 46 30 226 0.10
SC3 – 007 28 3/4 109 64 35 406 0.20
SC3 – 010 40 1 139 64 46 542 0.20
SC3 – 015 60 1-1/4 139 86 51 929 0.30
SC3 – 020 80 1-1/2 168 86 60 1161 0.35
SC3 – 030 120 1-1/2 200 86 60 1393 0.40
SC3 – 040 160 2 235 100 70 1806 0.55
SC3 – 050 200 2 260 100 70 2032 0.60
SC3 – 075 300 2-1/2 211 150 90 2787 0.85
SC3 – 100 400 3 272 150 100 3677 1.00
SC3 – 150 600 3 345 150 100 4838 1.25

NOTE : All metal sturdy one piece plated steel construction with reusable plated stainless steel 100 mesh cloth and female B.S.P./NPT Thread standard supply can be easily removed cleaned and reuse

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a) Compressed air filtration

These unique coalescing filters, available from 1 – 12,000 SCFM and up to 150 Psig incorporating the following features:

  • • 99.999% efficiency
  • • Micron Filtration Efficiency
  • • Low pressure Drop
  • • Particle removal filter up to 1 micron
  • • High efficiency filter up to 0.01 micron
  • • Pleated Filter Element offers 4 times the surface area

We offer find filtration up to 0.01 micron @ 99.9% efficiency. We design these systems to meet desired norms of filtration level, flow requirement, pressure Drop etc.

Compressed Air Filter Elements are available in following with equivalent of original one.

LG Air Man KGK Compair
Cummins Mitsui Seiki Kirlosker Ingersoll-Rand
Hankison SullAir Parker Kaeser
Domnick Hunter Anest Iwata Ultrafilter Quincy
Zander. Boge Hiross Bauer
Taiwan JM EcoAir Atlas Copco Airkrone
Fusheng Mattei

b) LPG/CNG Filtration

We are offer wide range of LPG/CNG Filters for the followings.

  • • RF Series
  • • PF Series
  • • CNG/LPG Engine Filter etc

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Pre-Filter, Panel Filter AND Hepa Filter

MSK manufacture and supply various types of ter, Panel Filter AND Hepa Filter like air handling filters, Chemical Air Filters etc, for variety of applications. filters are used at every stage of air handling, the filters can be of 20 micron to 0.3 micron (hepa filters) to 0.1 micron (ultra filters). 99.97% efficiency for HEPA filter.


Permanent Metal Washable / Viscous Metallic / Grease / Mist Eliminator Filter

Application : Kitchen extract systems, Pre filtration within air conditioning systems.

Type : Grease elimination or coarse dust removal.

Frame : Standard galvanized mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum

Media : Knitted or multilayer pad.

EN 779 :2002 efficiency : G2, G3.

Arrestance efficiency : 65% - 80%.

Arrestance efficiency : 65% - 80%.

Arrestance efficiency : 65% - 80%.

Arrestance efficiency : 65% - 80%.


Permanent Metal Washable / Viscous Metallic / Grease / Mist Eliminator Filter

Application : Pre filtration in air conditioning or industrial processing systems.

Type : Coarse grade pleated panel filter.

Frame : Standard galvanized mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum

Media : Mixture of cotton and synthetic fiber.

EN 779:2002 efficiency : G2 - G4.

Gravimetric efficiency : 65% - 90%.

Eurovent 4/5 efficiency : EU2 - EU4.

Temperature : 70°C maximum in continuous service.


HEPA filters are composed of a randomly arranged fiber mat. The key issues affecting their function are fiber density and diameter, and filter thickness. The air space between HEPA filter fibers is much greater than 0.3 µm.

The common assumption that a HEPA filter acts like a sieve where particles smaller than the largest opening can pass through is incorrect. Just as for membrane filters, particles so large that they are as wide as the largest opening or distance between fibers can not pass in between them at all. But HEPA filters are designed to target much smaller pollutants and particles are mainly trapped (they stick to a fiber) by one of the three mechanisms.

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MSK one of leading manufacturer and exporter of Automotive and Industrial Filtration solutions for the automotive, railways and aviation industries in India. Any model and tailor made filter that can manufactured by us widely.

Also manufactured all kind Fork Lift, JCB, Komatsu, Godrej, Carterpillar, Kobelco filter element and others etc.

a) Oil Filter

Our range of technological advanced oil filters employ fiber technology to decontaminate the smallest impurity present in the oil. These filters find major application in forming part of the lubrication system of engines in which filters are typically detachable units.
We also offer customization of oil filters to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

b) Hydraulic

We have manufactured high quality hydraulic filters. Designed to provide complete protection against fluid contamination. These filters provide convenient handling and long service life. Our range of hydraulic filters are exactly developed as per the needs and specification of Customers.

c) Air Filters

The quantity of Air used by internal combustion engine is very vast. The possibility of inducting a considerable mass of solid contaminants from the atmospheric air is very high. The air filter removes carbon, abrasive and other contaminants from air before it mixes with fuel in the engine system. If allowed to get inside the engine, such particles can damage cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings.
MSK air filters lengthen engine life, prevent engine wear and give better fuel economy.

d) Fuel Filters

Contaminants in engine fuel can clog the drilled or cored passages in carburetor, upsetting their metering performance, causing loss of power, poor engine starting, damaged exhaust valves etc. Dirt, rust, scales and water are the major impurities present in fuel.

The main cause of fuel contamination is corrosion or deterioration of inner surface of the tank itself. The fuel filters are essential in helping to protect fuel system from contaminants. All the fuel that enters the carburetor must pass through fuel filters.

MSK fuel filters with their high quality and efficiency ensure long and trouble-free engine life. It is far easier and cost effective to replace periodically a fuel filter than to clean and repair the whole fuel system.

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